Glenn Greenwald’s latest revelations from the Snowden Docs – GCHQ’s deception techniques are manipulating cyber-discourse in an attempt to control specific “hacktivist” comunities.

It seems that the GCHQ are taking into account a broad number of academic theories from a wide variety of fields, including social sciences, public relations, neuroscience and theology  as they attempt to establish an “Operational Playbook” for their activities which include defamation, falsification, infiltration and even attempts to “ruin business relationships”. This lot clearly see themselves as the James Bond’s of cyberspace, and while this is not particularly surprising considering previous revelations concerning PRISM, Online Covert Action strikes me as one of the largest threats to integrity on the internet, especially since it is already largely used to target anonymous groups of political dissidents. Also shocking is that these effects are not solely targeted at engendering online effects, but attempt to “make something happen in the real or cyber world”. It seems the boundaries which separate spying in reality, for which you would need a warrant, and spying in virtuality, for which you apparently don’t, are quickly eroding. I feel if we let our freedoms remain diminished in one realm they will soon passively break down in this one. They are not just monitoring, but creating, fabricating, disseminating misinformation. This is a grave concern to say the least.


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