Photoshop, Parody and JoCo – The Grey Areas of Copyright

Parody/Fair Use Laws (and the failures of automated copyright):

  • ‘Dumb Starbucks’ and how it can operate (before it got shut down):

  • Youtube gone mad: Automated Content ID software deploying copyright claims without human intervention/discretion:

Photoshop – Both Defender and Attacker (and potential violator of copyright):

  • Photoshop use as an act of freedom and freedom of speech:

  • Photoshop as a violation of original photography and ‘body copies’:

Johnathan Coulton Case Study:

“Sometimes I forget that Twitter is something beyond just being snarky at the Oscars. All of a sudden something happens and you remember that this is an amazing, powerful tool.” Coulton says. “My fans have a keen sense of justice, and this idea that we should be attributed for our work. People who are of the Internet realize that attribution is what we trade on.” - Forbes



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