How do we read, consider and use Electronic Literature?

"As [Bolter and Grusin] have shown in Remediation (1999), media constantly engage in a recursive dynamic of imitating each other"  (Hayles, 69)

Can print disappear/fade if it is constantly being reverse-remediated?

"The crucial move is to reconceptualize materiality as the interplay between a text's physical characteristics and its signifying strategies." (72)

User Contracts‘ and our unspoken agreements with print and electronic literature: eg. our attention span, the ways in which the literature is consumed (in solitude, alongside research/media). Do these contracts dilute or enhance our experiences?

"[Barthes] calls for a movement away from works to texts, a movement so successful that the ubiquitous 'text' has all but driven out the media-specific term book." (68)

High-brow and low-brow questions of what is literature and what is text?

"Whereas computers struggle to remain viable for a decade, books maintain backwards compatibility for hundreds of years." (84)

Aesthetics: Can print be considered dated in the same way that electronic texts are considered dated ? How does the perception of something as dated affect our reading of the text?

"The issue is not the technological superiority of either medium but rather the specific conditions a medium instantiates and enacts." (84)

The differences in accessibility  and our awareness of our consumption of the text: established writing, instant access, reader/author/designer relationships, etc.


Links to Consider

One of the many examples of electronic texts are manipulated and brought outside the bounds of the text (if these boundaries exist) for the entertainment of the ‘reader’.

Electronic texts working for you.


Sophie G, Rebekah C, Lucy P, Emma H, Anna G, Charlie O and Rhiannon W


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